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Mark's recordings are available at live shows and online through Bandcamp. Visit his store there to purchase digital downloads, audio CDs, music books and T-shirts. Go to Mark's Bandcamp Store.

CD-Mark Cosgrove - Unencumbered

Mark Cosgrove

1. Ricketts Hornpipe-MP3
2. Clinch Mountain Backstep
3. Spain-MP3
4. Can I Get An Amen-MP3
5. Drive South-MP3
6. Blues For Peetu
7. Rovin' Gambler
8. Sad Little Day
9. Remington Ride
10. Peas And Cheese
11. I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul

This latest offering is instrumentally and musically the most diverse yet. There's something for everyone here, all played with great skill and feeling.

Featured performers:
Guitars - Mark Cosgrove, Roberto Dalla Vecchia
Bass - Larry Cohen, Kevin MacConnell
Fiddle - John Kirk
Banjo - Mike Munford
Mandolin - Joe Walsh, Mark Cosgrove
Accordion, Hammond Organ & Piano - Dallas Vietty
Soprano Saxophone - Mike Cemprola
Drums - Paul Jost

Vocals - Mark Cosgrove, Larry Cohen, Peter Lorch

Steve Kaufman & Mark Cosgrove -Goodnight Waltz Steve Kaufman & Mark Cosgrove
-Goodnight Waltz

1. Big Scioty - MP3
2. The Cuckoo's Nest
3. ld Dangerfield
4. Farewell Blues
5. Molly Bloom
6. Dayley's Reel
7. Dixie Hoedown
8. Goodnight Waltz
9. Lonesome Fiddle Blues
10. Pan Handle Rag
11. The Girl I Left Behind Me/ Texas Gales/Big Sandy River
12. Greenleaf Fancy
13. Angelina Baker
14. Sail Away Ladies
15. Dixie Breakdown

Flatpicking duets with acclaimed guitarist Steve Kaufman. Check out the MP3 sample of "Big Scioty" for a little taste (Mark's on the left channel; Steve's on the right). And it only gets better from there!

Featured performers:
Guitars & Vocals - Mark & Steve
Bass - Rusty Holloway

Live Concert on DVD -Pickin' At Peaceful Bend Live Concert on DVD
-Pickin' At Peaceful Bend
featuring: Robin Kessinger, Robert Shafer & Mark Cosgrove

1. Forked Deer
2. The Third Eyebrow
3. When You and I Were Young Maggie
4. Dorothy's Waltz
5. Round Island
6. Angeline the Baker
7. Turkey in the Straw
8. Jerry in Jamaica
9. Good Morning Isaac
10. Sweet Bunch of Daisies
11. Sally Goodin'
12. Daley's Reel
13. Bill Cheathum

Plus Special DVD Bonus slideshow!

In this concert performance DVD, filmed at the Peaceful Bend Americana Music Festival in Steelville, MO, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine and SimpleFolk Productions present three of the National Flatpicking Guitar Championship's most respected past champions: Robin Kessinger (1985), Mark Cosgrove (1995), and Robert Shafer (1983 and 2000).

These three masters of the acoustic guitar perform as a trio, and in different duo configurations. While known for their skills at flatpicking fiddle tunes, they display their virtuosity and versatility in this concert by providing a variety of guitar instrumentals ranging from fast fiddle tunes, to slow waltzes, and tunes that highlight other various rhythms and styles from their vast repertoire. Guitar players will appreciate the left and right hand close-ups that are prevalent throughout this DVD.

Mark Cosgrove -Take Yer Medicine Mark Cosgrove
-Take Yer Medicine

1. Greased Pig - MP3
2. Washington County
3. Ornithology
4. Broken Dreams - MP3
5. Limehouse Blues
6. Ragtime Annie
7. The Snowflake Reel
8. Connaught Man's Ramble/Katie's Rambles/The Rites Of Man
9. John Henry
10. Ghost Dance
11. Good Morning Isaac
12. Round Island
13. Fiddler's Dram
14. Roanoke
15. Alabama Jubilee
16. The Kiss Me Waltz
17. Good Medicine
18. The New Camptown Races

This "Best Of" CD contains 18 remastered instrumental tunes gathered from Mark's previous releases and features great songs, inspired arrangements and stellar performances.

Mark Cosgrove -Sweet Reason Mark Cosgrove
-Sweet Reason

1. Good Morning Isaac - MP3
2. The Snowflake Reel
3. Dark Wind of Missouri
4. Washington County
5. Fiddler's Dram
6. Red Clay Halo
7. The New Camptown Races - MP3
8. Paint the Town Beige
9. John Henry
10. Good Medicine - MP3

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Featured performers:
Guitar & Vocals - Mark Cosgrove, Peter Lorch
Mandolin - Mark Cosgrove, Mike Madan, Sam Bush*
Banjo - Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck*
Fiddle - Kenny Kosek, Stuart Duncan*
Bass - Larry Cohen, Byron House*
Dobro - Jim Heffernan
Drums - Kenny Malone*

*on "Good Medicine"

Mark Cosgrove -Round Island
Mark Cosgrove
-Round Island

1. Round Island - MP3
2. Barbed Wire - MP3
3. Heel & Toe Polka
4. Lucky Break
5. Ornithology - MP3
6. Maple on the Hill
7. Broken Dreams - MP3
8. Not in my Arms
9. Ghost Dance
10. Fixin' a Hole
11. Limehouse Blues

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Featured performers:
Guitar & Vocals - Mark Cosgrove
Mandolin - Mark Maglashan, Barry Mitterhoff, Rich Kalikow, Steve Hendershott
Banjo - Tony Trischka, Bob Sutor
Fiddle - Matt Glazer
Bass - Larry Cohen
Dobro - Mike Brenner
Lead Vocals on "Lucky Break" - Allen Bartram
Background Vocals - Larry Cohen, Peter Lorch

Mark Cosgrove & Richard Starkey -Delaware Crossing Mark Cosgrove & Richard Starkey
-Delaware Crossing

1. Lukes Rainbow
2. Walking in My Sleep
3. Sweet Georgia Brown
4. Jimmys Texas Blues
5. Huckleberry Hornpipe - MP3
6. The Kiss me Waltz
7. Rainbow
8. Little Rabbit
9. Down Yonder
10. Summertime
11. Autumn Winds
12. Roanoke - MP3
13. Just a Season - MP3

Flatpicking duets with acclaimed guitarist Richard Starkey.

Featured performers:
Guitars & Vocals - Mark & Richard
Mandolin - Rich Kalikow
Bass - Larry Cohen

Mark Cosgrove -Good Medicine Mark Cosgrove
-Good Medicine

1. Angelfoot - MP3
2. Greased Pig - MP3
3. Keep Your Distance
4. Connaught Mans Ramble-Katies Rambles-The Rites of Man
5. Ragtime Annie
6. Mason Dixon
7. Bye Bye Blues - MP3
8. So I Can Take My Rest
9. Turkey Knob
10. Good Medicine
11. Alabama Jubilee

Mark's first CD. Recorded in 1994.
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Featured performers:
Guitar & Vocals - Mark Cosgrove
Mandolin - Mark Cosgrove, Barry Mitterhoff
Banjo - Tony Trischka
Fiddle - Mark Arrington
Bass - John Toney, Larry Cohen
Drums & Keyboards - Larry Freedman
Background Vocals - Peter Lorch

Cody Kilby, Allen Shadd & Mark Cosgrove -Live From Winfield Cody Kilby, Allen Shadd & Mark Cosgrove
-Live From Winfield

A CD of tunes that Cody Kilby, Allen Shadd and Mark Cosgrove used to win the National Flatpicking Championships in 1998, 1997 and 1995 respectively.

Cody Kilby
acc. by: Allen Shadd
1.  Cotton Patch Rag
2.  Greensleaves
3.  Washington County
4.  El Cumbanchero

Allen Shadd
acc. by: Randy Lucas
5.  Little Rock Getaway
6.  Blackberry Rag
7.  Somewhere Over The Rainbow
8.  Alabama Jubilee
Mark Cosgrove
acc. by: Steve Bennett
9.  Bye Bye Blues
10.  Hippodrome Reel
11.  Interstate Rag - MP3
12.  Alabama Jubilee- MP3



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